Happy Hour

Happy Hour
starting with $3.95

Specialty cocktail & wines

Chicken Wings with spicy teriyaki sauce
(five pieces Japanese style chicken wings with spicy teriyaki sauce)

Crispy salmon skin appetizer
(crispy salmon skin, bonito, sweet sauce, sesame seed )

Asparagus tempura
(deep fried asparagus with tempura flour)

Vegetable tempura
(five pieces vegetables fried with tempura flour, serve with tempura sauce)

Hand roll special
(choice of eel, California, spicy tuna, salmon, salmon skin, vegetable)

Agedashi tofu
(Japanese style fried tofu serves with tempura sauce green onion, bonito, grated daikon)

(5 pieces pan fried Japanese style pork dumpling )

Las vegas (small) buy one get one free
(blend of crab mix and marinated salmon, avocado, cream cheese and tempura fried)

Sea bass Tempura
(fried sea bass with cilantro, serrano and sweet ponzu sauce)

House salad
(choice of ginger dressing, wasabi dressing)

Miso or Mushroom soup
(choice of miso/soy base soup with tofu an onions or mushroom soup/clear broth with mushroom, onions)

(Happy hours, Monday to Thursday 4:30 pm-6:00 pm & 9pm-9:30 pm, and Sunday 4:30 pm-6pm)


Mon—Fri:11am—2pm & 4:30pm—9:30pm / Sat:12am—3pm & 4:30pm—9:30pm / Sunday:4:30pm—9:00pm

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