Steak & Chicken

Hibachi Chicken
(chicken breast grilled with butter and mushroom, sesame seeds)

Hibachi Chicken Lemon
(chicken breast grilled and finished with fresh lemon)

Hibachi Steak
(New York strip steak and mushroom grilled)

Fillet Mignon
(Tender loin, mushroom grilled)

Teriyaki Beef
(beef with green onions, mushrooms grilled in home made teriyaki sauce)

Teriyaki Chicken
(white meat chicken grilled with green onions, mushrooms and teriyaki sauce)


Teriyaki Salmon
(grilled salmon with green onion and mushroom)

Hibachi Salmon
(grilled salmon with ginger sauce and vegetables)

Hibachi Shrimp
(shrimp grilled with butter and lemon)

Hibachi Scallop
(scallop grilled with butter and lemon)

Seafood Udon
(scallop, calamari, shrimp, vegetables and udon with diablo spicy sauce)

Surf and Turf
(New York strip steak and grilled shrimp)


Duo Niko Hibachi
(jumbo shrimp grilled with chicken breast)

Trio Niko Hibachi
(hibachi steak, chicken breast and jumbo shrimp grilled)

Teriyaki Combo
(beef julienne & chicken with teriyaki sauce, green onion and mushroom)

"we serve gluten free menu on request".
"Monk fish liver (ankimo), bluefin tuna, New zealand red snapper, uni, lobster, amber jack, halibut, lobster dishes subject to availiability.
Please check your server"

Mon—Fri:11am—2pm & 4:30pm—9:30pm / Sat:12pm—3pm & 4:30pm—9:30pm / Sunday:4:30pm—9:00pm

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